Cloud View Gin will transport you all of the way to the 343m summit of The Cloud, or in other words, the top of the world!

Our Story

Having mixed hundreds of thousands of gin & tonics in their time, Cloud View founders and lifelong bar professionals Chris Carsons, Martin Holmes, Pete Billingsley and Oliver Dodwell had a shared vision of one day creating their perfect gin. The gin would represent the outstanding beauty of The Congleton Cloud and surrounding area, in which they live and work. Numerous days were spent foraging on The Cloud for natural flavours that would provide the inspiration for Cloud View gin. After months of crafting and developing the flavour profile, the gin was perfected. Classic botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica root, and more, are balanced with unconventional ingredients such as blackberries and rosemary. The result is a complex journey for both nose and palate with a refreshing finish, naturally sweet with blackberries.


We take pride in the feedback we receive from gin enthusiasts, both professional and amateur!

“A fantastic product with a great story, very impressed”

Tim, Hammonds of Knutsford

We love Cloud View, and as you can see from our orders, so do our customers!”

Verity – Prince of Wales, Congleton / Thirsty Giraffe, Newcastle

“As someone who loves gin (a lot), I was happy to discover Cloud View – unique and a refreshing change!”

Luke, Birmingham

“My new favourite gin! Can’t wait to see what these guys do next!”

Laura, Cheshire

“We’re absolutely delighted to be stocking the quality Cloud View Gin at Randall & Aubin Manchester. It’s perfect for our gin loving customers.”

Phil, Randall & Aubin